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Turibio is a male character and is a supporting villain in Mingers Style.

Turibio (Mingers Style).jpg


Turibio is a typical spoiled brat. He has a personality similar to Turibia, in being obsessed in being the handsome boy of Sealland High. He is also described as snob.


  • Turibio is very similar to Turibia, for several reasons:
  • Both want to become popular kids.
  • Both are supportive antagonists.
  • Both have the same obsession with becoming popular.
  • Both are extravagant characters.
  • Both in the Mingers series, as sea turtles (their original forms), their personalities and goals are different, but they are evil characters, yet.
  • Both were once heroes or good characters when they were children or when they were pre-teenage years, which later led to bitterness of both by the evil side, is also similar to the Mingers series, both were already characters of good, but when they were children and adolescents in its form as a sea turtle.