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Sperandio is a male character and is a recurring villain in Mingers Style. Sperandio is a bully of Sealland High and is a young teen rich and snobbish. 

Sperandio (Mingers Style).jpg


Sperandio is pampered, pretentious, and superficial, and is proud of his appearance especially his hair. He does everything to crush and humiliate other students, especially Ludwig. His father, being Sealland's prefect all his life, has spoiled Sperandio his whole life, and Sperandio believes he is the most important person in the world and everyone loves him. He thinks a lot of himself and is not humble with others, thinking that he deserves everything and be proud of his popularity, rich lifestyle, but he has never seen himself as a bad person. His thick attitude comes through openly of what he wants and who he despises, but sometimes pretends to be innocent and emotional to manipulate others, from his father to Bora (girl he is interested in) if that is in his goals. He rarely treats any of his colleagues with respect, and he is bossy and arrogant even to his only and best friend, Sperandeo.


  • His personality is similar to that of Chloé Bourgeois, from Miraculous Ladybug:
  • Both are spoiled by their parents.
  • Both are bullies.
  • Both are rich.
  • They both have best friends (Sperandeo and Sabrina)
  • Both have their rivals (Ludwig for Sperandio and Marinette for Chloé)
  • Her appearances are also similar mainly to the color of blonde hair and blue eyes.