Saffiro is a male character and is a supporting villain in Mingers Style.

Saffiro (Mingers Style)


Saffiro is aggressive, funny and futile. He also has a distracted personality and is easily the hero's ultimate target. Saffiro can also easily fool Mingers and his friends, but when he has a brilliant idea. His main focus is the comedy and wants to ensure everyone laughs, because if there is no one laughing, Saffiro shows that he can threaten anyone if he does not do what he tells him, he can be bossy and his aggressive nature is shown gradually. 


  • Saffiro's name in Italian comes from Zaffiro, meaning "sapphire" and Sapphire is usually a name of one of the gems.
  • Saffiro's Hair Style is a reference to the character Sasuke Uchiha, from the Naruto anime. Saffiro is one of the first two characters whose hair style is Naruto anime, the other is Sapphire, that his hairstyle is similar to Naruto.
  • Saffiro is also similar to Mangle from FNAF:
  • Because of the color of both (white, pink and yellow)
  • Saffiro also has the power of hypnosis,
  • They both try to kill their enemies (Jeremy to Mangle and Ludwig to Saffiro)
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