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Rosarino is a male character and is a secondary villain in Bingers.



Rosarino is relentless, dark and convulsive of few words, but when he speaks, leaves a deep impression on the people she addresses. He has his own way of operating as a gratifying success and punishing failure accordingly, as well as demanding the utmost respect from those under his command and instilling fear in those who disobey it or not. Rosarino is a very rigid person. He himself has his way of punishing people. He has a temper that shows when things do not go the way he wants, but he contains and controls that anger, releasing it only when he begins to overload it or when he confronts and deals with those who are the cause of his problems . Despite anything that might get in his way, Rosarino manipulates certain events to his best advantage, working behind the scenes to avoid arousing suspicions of his enemies. He is one of the most despicable and hated enemies of the Bingers and Rosalino is one of the smarter antagonists.