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Lelio is a male character and is a main villain in Bingers.



Lelio is a cruel, unscrupulous person. It is very amoral. Lelio is a dangerous drug dealer, narcissistic, cruel, cold-blooded, murderous, vain, bossy, sadistic and cunning. He is one of the most sought-after traffickers for Ponyland, he is a gangster too, Lelio is one of the bosses of the most sought after gangs in Ponyland. He is unrepentant and without feelings, he says that his daughter Aurelia is a follower of him saying "I'll be like my father", he is proud that his daughter is a thug and drug dealer like him. Lelio also comforts and pampers her teenage daughter as she was a child. "It's alright, dear, we're going to take revenge," one of the phrases spoken by Lelio in comforting her daughter. He is always with his daughter in the absence of her mother, who was his wife, while she was alive. It is probable that Aurelia and Lelio entered the crime since the deceased mother and wife Emma, if redeemed itself.