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Ginger is a female character and is a protagonist who turned a quinary antagonist in Bingers. She is really Clora's alter ego.

Ginger (Clora's Alter Ego).png


Initially, Ginger is a very kind, happy and lucky person who loves to help others, but Clora hates her personality and Ginger's alter ego because she does everything to get away with her alter ego and her good side. Like Ginger, she is a professional fighter and has a deep adoration. She also does several antagonistic acts like Clora who is an antagonist, but Ginger quickly apologizes for her filthy acts she does. It is revealed that in the third season, Clora's alter ego, Ginger will no longer be good to become a bad and cruel alter-ego as is Clora. Ginger will be as damaging and stingy as Clora, who owns her alter ego and will be a bad character like her. Ginger is only a good personality that goes from the first to the second season, from the third Ginger becomes an antagonist