Concordio is a male character and is one of the main and true antagonists (villains) of Bingers. Concordio is married to Aurora and has a daughter, Concordia.



Concordius is a cruel, despicable, ruthless, unfeeling man. He is the right arm and henchman of his wife Aurora. He is a murderer and a crook, suspected of various crimes and murders. He even tried to kill Maximilian, Liridon's father, but to no avail, then attempted to kill Cruzita (Liridon's mother), commanded by Aurora, his wife. Although his profile portrays him as cold and calculating, he has a love for his daughter Concordia, he and Aurora care and care about Concordia, even though both (Aurora and Concordio) are evil, there is a sweet side to it, which is love them to his daughter Concordia.


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