Concetto is a male character and is a recurring villain in Bingers.



Concetto is a greedy businessman who only thinks about making money. He begins his business making toys of the Bingers, heroes in which he admired at least before revealing his nature, Concetto reveals that his favorite hero is Liridon and he distributes Bingers' dolls to all parts of Ponyland, except that for every money he Was receiving, but ambitious and greedy he stayed and begins to emerge his personality: a corrupt tyrant. When he gained a good part, he began to raise his intentions in his business, he abused, mistreated and shouted with his employees while making the Bingers' dolls. Concetto hides a deep envy and adoration for Liridon, although he has shown to be friendly, it is revealed that he before making Bingers' dolls, has always been envious and angry at the Bingers and Liridon. He just wanted to raise his business to become a wealthy and popular entrepreneur in Ponyland.

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