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Clara is a female character and is a main villain in Bingers. Clara is the villain of the second season of Bingers and is mother of Clarissa.



Clara is a very bad person and without feelings. She is a kidnapper and along with her daughter Clarissa, plans to kidnap all the mothers of all the ponies, including the mothers of the Bingers heroes and even other villains, during the second season. Clara likes to see suffering and pain in others, this makes her the second villain of the second season. In the beginning, she seems to be calm, kind and gentle with other mothers and people, until Liridon and Dardana, from the beginning they have realized that Clara does not and acts like this to hide her true nature and her bad intentions. After ending the second season, in the third season and later Clara appears like a recurring villain in the series, the demand of revenge against Liridon and Dardana by them to spoil their plans. She and Clarissa appear in the first season more like minor villains. Currently she and Clarissa seek revenge and gain another ally to help them get revenge on the Bingers, the ally is her husband Chiaro.