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Chiaro is a male character and is a recurring villain in Bingers.



Chiaro is a criminal. He is suspected of killing his brother, Angelandrea, because of an inheritance, so Chiaro killed his brother and yet Ponyland's justice does not have enough evidence to blame Chiaro and unfortunately leaves the villain free. He now only thinks of revenge, gaining the freedom of justice, having little evidence of his brother's murder, Chiaro is now willing to take revenge and re-terrorize the population of Ponyland. He is currently allied with his daughter Clarissa and his wife Clara to take revenge (probably kill) the Bingers (Liridon and Dardana) for having thwarted the plan of his wife, who went to kidnap all the mothers of the world. Chiaro is a psychopath and has no remorse, like his wife and daughter, has no feelings and likes to see others suffer. Chiaro is also a great dad and prides himself on being an evil father, as he likes to make Clarissa happy while she sees others suffer.