Wrathful Villains are villains who are incredibly wrathful in nature, and motivated by anger, hatred, or simply the love of bloodshed and violence. They can easily lose their temper or control of themselves. They quite commonly possess colossal tempers, and are often quick to both anger and violence. Normally, they do not require much to get them furious and argumentative.

It is also quite often for these villains to relish in their wrathful nature. More often than not, their temper proves to be a downfall. This is a very common trait in villains, mostly due to the fact that the nature of villainy itself can be considered a form of wrath.

Note that these villains have to either have extreme tempers that they have a hard time controlling or have a love for violence in order to qualify. If they get angry at something that's understandable, they don't automatically qualify.

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