Pawns are villains that are being manipulated by a major villain. Usually after the pawn is betrayed by the major villain, one of three things can happen: they are either killed (be it by heroes or other major villains), team up with the hero, or form their own faction. Sometimes the pawn is extremely important to the true villain or even more powerful, and merely killing the pawn can ruin the true villain's plans.

There are several forms in which a pawn can take:

  • The Fake Mastermind: Individuals who believe they are in control of everything and have planned it all, when unbeknownst to them, they are doing something someone else wants them to do via manipulation, be they aware of the true mastermind or not.
  • The Expendable Right Hand: High-ranking individuals or right-hand men who believe their boss or master has one plan, but has another plan in store that does not involve them, or they can be killed when their boss or master has found someone better at the job.
  • The Hypnotized, brainwashed or possessed: Individuals who do the bidding of someone else because they have been hypnotized, brainwashed, or are being possessed by someone.

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