Bonazunta is a male character and is a deuteragonist villain in Bingers.



Bonazunta is logical and rational, on the other hand he is also cold, ruthless and cruel. He states that with great satisfaction and pleasure he would like to see the human world destroyed. Bonazunta, like other devilish ponies, has an antipathy to humans and is happy to see them suffer, which implies that Bonazunta is sadistic as well. He is annoyed when he sees flaws in his plans or when someone spoils his plans. Bonazunta gets easily enraged when Liridon tries to save someone or defend the human race. Bonazunta shows a terrible degree of arrogance and sarcasm. Bonazunta also seems to have a short temperament, because he could not maintain his composure, when he is mocked or called bad nicknames like "silly", "cool" and "clown". In dealing with suffering, Bonazunta tries to suppress his negative feelings and, instead, wants to move forward.

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