Aurora is a female character and is the true and main antagonist of Bingers.



Aurora is a cold, cruel, evil, selfish, bitter, hypocritical, determined woman. She is willing to do anything to get what she wants. She is also very ambitious. Aurora is married to Concordio for years and she makes her husband obey her orders. She is dominant, calculating and a true spirit of leader, Aurora commits worse crimes so that it can have an interest in common, she affirms that her husband is a murderer and is a bandit while she is a scammer. His daughter Concordia is a thief.



  • It is revealed that she is the true antagonist of the series, appears in all seasons and is the strongest enemy of the Bingers.
  • Although it seems to be a minor antagonist, Aurora is the main and true villain of Bingers.
  • It though it does not look like it, she is the enemy that most detests the Bingers.
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