Amabile is a male character and is a tertiary villain in Bingers.

Amabile (Male Character)


Amabile is angry, strange and annoying. It is sour. Amabile is not inherently harmful to anyone but himself because of his unnamed disorder, and is merely "dysfunctional" mentally and as a person, rather than destructive. It is likely that he suffers from double personality or mental personality that is disturbed. Amabile likes to order, and he can only function properly in a society in which everyone obeys and agrees with him. He is extremely insensitive to other people's feelings to the point of being unintentionally cruel and harmful. Although this is due to his extreme social awkwardness, he has an ability to make other people miserable, and even scared. Amabile has no scruples about having someone killed. He seems to suffer from many mental and emotional issues and responds to small problems in the manner of a child with anger. He seems to be a little foolish. Amabile is also a strict and evil person. He also has a psychotic personality and tends to change his tone of voice to high, when he is enraged. Amabile does not like having friends and is a cold person. 


  • Amabile has a personality similar to that of Earl of Adventure Time.
  • He has similar colors of hair and mane like his deceased father.
  • Amabile is a name that means "lovable" in Italian.
  • Amabile is an upset psychopath.
  • He likes to eat humans (it is revealed in an episode of the first season)
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