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Aleksa is a female character and is the main antagonist in Pingers.

Aleksa (Pingers).png


Aleksa is cold, cruel, envious, relentless, and more obsessed with love than Iesha. She tries in every way to separate Alejandro from Yamila, but fails. Aleksa is more evil, pernicious, and more capable than Iesha, who is the second person to try to separate the love of Alexander and Yamila, but Aleksa came first because she is the mortal enemy of Yamila. She is also a horrible tyrant, ruled and led several aquatic kingdoms, until she was banished and returned to Marland, but to live a new life. She is a bully, takes advantage of other people's weaknesses to do blackmail and bullying, like Yamila. She is very unfriendly and antagonistic and her actions and bad attitudes make her the main antagonist of Pingers. She uses much more violent and complex means to get her wants. She is evil, pompous, aggressive and arrogant. Aleksa is one of the few people who feels compassion for Alejandro, for Yamila she does not feel any remorse. His goals in life is to make Alejandro fall in love with her, marry him and make him and she (Aleksa) become future rulers of Marland, a new attempt by Aleksa to once again dominate an aquatic kingdom.