Achiropita is a female character and is a minor villain in Bingers. She currently lives in a dump / bunker along with a street beggar and her best friend Acheropita.


Personality[edit | edit source]

Achiropita is Acheropita's "shooter." She always agrees with what Acheropita says. She loves to make fun of others. Achiropita is an orphan as her best friend, but in her case, she had relatives, while Acheropita came into the world alone without parents. Achiropita's parents and the entire family died in a fatal accident, a tsunami took them to the Ponyland seabed and was never seen again. But Achiropita is confident and believes that there is a possibility that her family is alive. She loves to shop and humiliate the Bingers along with Acheropita.

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