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Aba is a female character and is the main villain in Mingers Style

Aba (Mingers Style).jpg


Aba has the same personality as his original counterpart. Aba is described generally portrayed as unpleasant and of low temperament. Unlike her original counterpart, Aba is not a princess in Mingers Style and is a student. She hates who is good, especially the protagonists Vesa and Bora. Her best friend is Zoe, and she has a rivalry with Bora, while Aba is Vesa's rival.


  • She shares some traits and differences from its original counterpart:
  • Traits:
  • Both are thirsty for power.
  • Both have as main enemies, the main protagonists Bora and Vesa.
  • Both have a short temperament.
  • Both were good, but because of the abandonment of their family and friends, they turned bad.
  • Differences:
  • Unlike her original counterpart, Aba is not a princess but a student.
  • She is human in this version, while in Mingers, she is an animal (sea turtle).
  • Both are main antagonists of Mingers Style, but Aba in its original version she is one of the main antagonists, but it is not the true villain of the series, already in Mingers Style, she is the main villain.